Blue Nights

Co-curated with Gabriel Cheung and Carina Magazzeni
Part of Reelout Queer Film Festival 2019
January/February 2019
(Specific Dates, Artists, and Video Works TBA)

To the numerologist, 20 is “highly sensitive, empathetic, touchy, compassionate, and sometimes needy.” In honor of Reelout’s 20th anniversary, this two-night-only immersive video installation invites viewers to join together in a collective fixation on these [queer] feelings. Within the interactive exhibition space cum meeting ground, multiple experimental short videos that touch on these themes will play simultaneously on loop, projected onto discrete surfaces (walls, acrylic sheets, mirrors, mdf boards) and screened on different devices (televisions, personal devices). Their audio components will create various soundscapes—a subwoofer will rumble with Jon Wang’s voice meditating on the desire for queer futures while the pop-track of Robyn’s I Wish will be heard trickling from a set of headphones, waiting for someone to answer its call.

The emphasis on varying modes of presentation for the works seeks to transform the passive viewing experience of the cinema into something not only active but inter-active, precipitating connections between visitors as they pass headphones between one another, lean in to hear an audio track, shuffle past one another for a better view of a work. This deviation from a conventional screening also allows audiences to discuss the works in real-time, to visit and revisit works according to whatever catches their attention, to move on from works midway or linger through multiple replays.

An eccentric collection of works with tones spanning the humorous to the somber, this curated selection of shorts are connected by their characteristics of being deeply personal, heavy with emotion, poetic, and guilty of being “sometimes needy” in their elongated gestures, asking viewers to slow down and stay a while.