GNDS 380 – “Together: Intimacies and Affinities in the West”
Queen’s University, FALL 2016

Guided by feminist, queer, anti-racist, and decolonial theoretical frameworks, this course explores various types of intimacies, affinities, collectivities, and relationships in the West from antiquity to the present with a particular emphasis on those shaped by forces of affect and desire. Although this course is situated within the department of Gender Studies, assigned readings and lecture content draw from critical theory, sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, philosophy, and popular cultural texts in order to critically interrogate hegemonic and ‘alternative’ representations of relational phenomena, including (but not limited to) concepts of ‘love’, family, friendship, citizenship, allies, and strangers from a variety of different perspectives. In class, we turn our collective attention to Youtube videos, blog posts, news stories, interviews, popular and ‘indie’ films, pining love songs, and questionable poetry, examining the discourses they espouse and the way these discourses shape and are shaped by the world(s) we inhabit.