2020-2021 courses


-FILM/GEND 2336: Women in Cinema
-FAVA 4066: Issues in Curation and Museum Representation
-FAVA 3046: Art and Critical Theory
-FAVA 2237: Modern Art and Architecture

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-VISA 3003: Contemporary Canadian Art

previous courses


-FAVA 1207: Art History II – 1300 to the Present
-FAVA 2277: Art in Canada Post-1900


-GNDS 410: Autobiofictionalography / Co-taught with Dr. Jane Tolmie
-GNDS 380: Intimacies and Affinities in the West

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-VCULT 300: Visual Culture Theory / University of Waterloo

Professional Development & Teaching Certificates

Undergraduate Advising
2020-2021: Gerold Mueller, Monica Showell
2019-2020: C. Lefebvre

Selected Student Feedback
“Robin was very easy to talk to, was very understanding, and wants to see students succeed…”
“Robin replenished my crops and cleared my skin. Please make them the professor.”
“I always felt safe and appreciated when I contributed…”
“The instructor explained material extremely clearly, and was thoughtful and interesting to listen to. I would definitely take a course with this instructor again.”
“Robin was a great teacher, very sensitive and accommodating to everyone’s needs.”