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Re/Imagining Depression: Creative Approaches to “Feeling Bad”
Co-edited by Julie Hollenbach and Robin Alex McDonald
Published by Palgrave Macmillan Press, 2021
Table of Contents:
1. Re/Imagining Depression / Julie Hollenbach and Robin Alex McDonald
2. The Alphabet of Feeling Bad Now / Ann Cvetkovich & Karin Michalski
3. Feeling Brown, Feeling Down: Latina Affect, The Performativity of Race, and the Depressive Position / José Esteban Muñoz
4. Not Down but Different: Depression in the Shadow of the Black Dog / John Streamas
5. Blue Histories: Thinking With Sadness in the Middle Ages / Jes Battis
6. Teaching/Depression as a Queer Theory for Living / Alyson Hoy
7. “Titled Things:” Materiality and Reification in Antidepressant Narratives / Marie Allitt
8. Variations on Depression in the Work of Ken Lum  / Sima Godfrey and Ken Lum
9. Don’t We Hurt Like You? Examining the Lack of Portrayals of African American Women and Mental Health / Nyasha Junior
10. Feeling Unproductive: Vivek Shraya on the creative labor of negative affect / Pansee Atta
11. i want to be a seashell, i want to be a mold, i want to be a spirit / francesca ekwuyasi
12. Being Sita: Gayathri Ramprasad’s Shadows in the Sun / Sabrina Reed
13. Toward the Ekstasis of Rilke’s Angels: The Value of Depression in Gwyneth Lewis’s Poetry and Memoir / Zoë Brigley Thompson
14. Bird Says the Sound of Rewind / Hamish Ballantyne and Fan Wu
15. The present is what we are doing together / Feel Tank Chicago (Lauren Berlant; Romi N. Crawford; Mary Patten; Matthias Regan; Rebecca Zorach)

Cover art by Marcos Guinoza.

peer-reviewed publications

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other publications

Curatorial essay for ‘It could be a good day. It needs to be treated carefully.’ Vtape. Toronto, ON (January 2021)

Exhibition essay for Hazel Meyer’s ‘Muscle Panic’ at Dunlop Art Gallery. Regina, SK (October 2020-January 2021)

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conferences, panel discussions, & research residencies

October 2019. Session chair, “Still Surveying the Survey: Pedagogical Tactics.” UAAC-AAUC Conference, Quebec City, QC

June 2019. Session organizer, “Queer in the North.” Coldwaters Symposium, Media Arts Network of Ontario, North Bay, ON

October 2018. Session chair, “&yet&yet&yet: Art, Anxiety, Precarity.” UAAC-AAUC Conference, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON

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May 2017. “‘First Comes Love…’: From Romantic Friendships to Contemporary Queer Femme Relationships.” Sexuality Studies Association, 2017 Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities, Ryerson University, Toronto, ON. Co-authored with Angie Fazekas and Dan Vena

May 2017. Session chair, “Bodies Performed, Intimate Selves.” Sexuality Studies Association, 2017 Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities, Ryerson University, Toronto, ON.

April 2017. Session chair, “Music, Sound, and Performance.” Undisciplined, Queen’s University, Kingston, ON

March 2017. “Back to the Future: Anachronism as Queer Feminist Methodology.” Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, ON

October 2016. “Queer Cast-offs: Duchamp’s Erotic Objects and the Transgressions of Waste.” UAAC-AAUC Conference, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Montréal, QC

October 2016. Session co-chair with Julie Hollenbach, “Creative Methodologies: Reimagining Making, Researching, and Writing.” UAAC-AAUC Conference, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Montréal, QC

September-October 2016. “Creating Collectivity: The World-Making Practices of Feminist and Queer Arts-Activist Collectives.” The Social: International Association of Visual Culture Biennial Conference, Boston University, Boston, MA

September 2016. Panel moderator, “Performance as a Queer Ecological Pedagogy.” Queer Ecologies, Queen’s University, Kingston, ON

March 2016. “Horizontal Lines: Comics, Avatars, and the ‘Queer Phenomenology’ of Depression.” Queer Coll(u/i)sions Conference, Peterborough, ON

January 2016. “Making in Common: Queer Politics and Collectivities.” Canadian Association of Cultural Studies. Waterloo, ON

May 2015. “Monstrous Relationalities: The Erotic Potentials of Thingness in Alan Moore and Stephen Bisette’s Swamp Thing. Canadian Popular Culture Conference. Niagara Falls, ON. Co-authored with Dan Vena

January 2015. Co-organizer and co-moderator with Zaira Zarza. “Panel Discussion with local Collectives and Cooperatives.” Cultural Studies Speaks. Queen’s University, Kingston, ON

November 2014. Panelist, “An LGBTQ Discussion Forum: Stories, Challenges and Pride of Being Out at Queen’s.” Invited by ASUS Social Justice Committee. Queen’s University, Kingston, ON

November 2014. Panelist, “Trans* Knowledge Share: Talking Through Transitioning.” Invited by Men Who Like Feminism. Queen’s University, Kingston, ON

November 2014. Facilitator on behalf of Men Who Like Feminism. “Debunking Myths about Feminism.” Invited by Queen’s Project on International Development. Queen’s University, Kingston, ON

September 2014. In dialogue with Clive Robertson. Purview. Modern Fuel Artist Run Centre, Kingston, ON

September 2014. Participant, Discussion of Chipped Off’s performance of ‘Hair Lines.’ Cultural Studies Speaks Panel, Queen’s University, Kingston, ON

June 2014. “What Do You Do All The Time? A Presentation of Art and Scholarship”. Distributed Intimacies Researcher Talks, Banff Research in Culture Residency, Banff, AB

May 2014. ‘Distributed Intimacies’ Three-week Banff Research in Culture Residency with Lauren Berlant, Francisco Camacho, and Wendy Hui Kyong Chun. The Banff Centre, Banff, AB

May 2014. “‘You’re Standing on My Neck’: Queer Anti-Social Theory and MTV’s Daria.” Canadian Popular Culture Conference. Calgary, AB

Mary 2014. Chair, “Power, Pleasure & Trauma in Graphic Novels.” Canadian Popular Culture Conference. Calgary, AB

January, 2014. Organizer and moderator, “Projects and Theses, Or, What You Have To Do To Get A Degree Here.” Cultural Studies Speaks Panel with Lisa Figge, Karl Hardy and Erin Sutherland, Queen’s University, Kingston, ON

November, 2013. Speaker on “Positive Space” and Social Activism Panel in ‘GNDS 120’. Invited by Dr. Scott Morgensen. Queen’s University, Kingston, ON

March 2013. “Bed of Roses/Bed of Thorns: Picturing Queer Sites of Affect and Resistance.” (Re)Activating Objects: Social Theory and Material Culture, Western University, London, ON
& Decadence/Decay, Carleton University, Ottawa, ON

February 2013. “Feminist Art Gallery and the Subversive Politics of Queer Collaboration.” Context and Meaning XII. Queen’s University, Kingston, ON. Co-authored with Julie Hollenbach

October 2012. “Seeing Queerly: Exploring the Intersections of Queer Studies, Visual Culture, and Art History.” Graduate Works in Progress Seminar. Queen’s University, Kingston, ON

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